INDUSTRIAL floors for long-lasting perfomance
Eliminate Dusting
Eliminates microscopic surface roughness, creating s tight, smooth and 100% dust free concrete surface.
Cost Savings
Fast, easy to use and requires little investment. Floor can be done using existing equipment this reducing any additional cost.
Low Maintenance
Treated floors are much easier to maintain, also allows for easy removal of tire marks, dirt, and scuff marks.
Super Hard
Increased durability up to 540%. A permanent impregnation of the floor surface can be achieved for life of the concrete.

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THE most efficient way to dustproof, clean and polish your concrete floors

Sleek Floors offer cleaning and polished concrete for industrial buildings, warehouses, and small factories. Clean polished concrete is a good investment for industrial facilities because they are easier to maintain, have a

longer life span, and can support heavier vehicle loads than asphalt parking lots. Polished concrete is growing its popularity among commercial buildings particularly warehouses.

Industrial facilities are always looking for new, cost-efficient and low maintenance flooring solution. Over the long term, polished concrete is a much more cost efficient floor.

Polished concrete has a wide array of finishes and variables to consider.

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Sleek Floors got a huge number of customer references to reassure you if you'd like to chat to someone first hand. We also offer maintenance program for our customers.

Sleek Floors have been part of this product evolution helping to refine the choice and specification options for growing demand of commercial polishing, residential and retail.

Work Gallery

Mercedes Benz dealership parking lot concrete dust. a lot of tire marks and oil spills.
Dust free clean, harden polished concrete floors eliminated previous issues.
Treated floors sustains 17637 Lbs equipment. No cracks, marks & scratches
Improved warehouse concrete surface hardness and clean appearance look.
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Project Report

Printing Press facility who's concrete floors had being covered in oil and grease for over 10 years. Cleaning and overall appearance along with concrete dust was the main concern of the business owner. Sleek floors proposed the idea of polished concrete as a long lasting solution.

  • Hardened and Increased Concrete Floor Durability Up To 540%.
  • Protected and Stain Resistant
  • Reduced Maintenance
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