Choose polished concrete and save money on renovation
Super Hard
Increased durability up to 540%. A permanent impregnation of the floor surface can be achieved for life of the concrete.
Our system does not use any toxic or hazardous chemicals. Concrete floors can often be serviced while plant in full production.
Cost Savings
Fast, easy to use and requires little investment. Floor can be done using existing equipment this reducing any additional cost.
Eliminate Dusting
Eliminates microscopic surface roughness, creating s tight, smooth and 100% dust free concrete surface.

Try it out for free!We offer mobilized concrete polishing demonstrations to show you what it can do for you and your facility.


Polished concrete -  cost effective alternative to other flooring options

SLEEK FLOORS offers clean polished concrete floors for retail stores in Las Vegas and Henderson. Based in Henderson (NV) our team has been working, developing and refining this process since 2008. Initially, polished concrete was used in commercial

and industrial markets because of the inherent qualities of durability and ease of maintenance.

Architects and interior designers are now using our clean and polishing system because of the products characteristics and modern aesthetics look.

Clean polished concrete is a great choice for those looking for that smooth modern design with a natural look. Polished concrete is used in many scenarios from Art Galleries, Retail, Restaurants, and Car Dealership.

Call or send us email to find more information about applications for Industrial concrete and the unique advantagesoffers in both the construction and architectural enhancement.

Sleek Floors got a huge number of customer references to reassure you if you'd like to chat to someone first hand. We also offer maintenance program for our customers.

Sleek Floors have been part of this product evolution helping to refine the choice and specification options for growing demand of commercial polishing, residential and retail.

Work Gallery

Car dealership choosed polished concrete vs epoxy coatings.
Dust free clean, harden polished concrete floors eliminated previous issues.
Retail Mockup polished concrete floors with color application.
Improved warehouse concrete surface hardness and clean appearance look.
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How Does This Work?

Once we have done ther process of dustproofing and polishing, our concrete floors will look as good as new. With a new shine to it and now protected against dust, water stains, oil and grease. Our process does not use any harmful chemicals.

  • Increased Concrete Floor Durability Up To 540%.
  • Hardened and Stain Resistant
  • Reduces Maintenance
  • No Grease and Orange Peel